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[ Booking/Payment ]

What kinds of payment methods are available for Booking?
Only credit cards can be used for advanced purchase of shows.

Where can I check the details of my booking?
See “My ticket” on this website.

How can I check the transaction details of my credit card?
Transaction details of credit card can be checked at “My Ticket” on this website. It may take several days to check the transaction details on the credit card company.

I have booked tickets on website. What is my next step?
If you purchased tickets for performing arts or concerts on the website, the process is completed. You can get your tickets from the box offices at the venue and just enjoy the show.

Can I change the seat I selected after booking process is completed?
Seat change is not possible after booking process is completed. Please cancel the previous order and re-book.

I would like to know the seat number that I booked.
See “My Ticket” and you will find your seat number.