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· Passes will be available for pick up at the ticket office in the Expo site.
· Customer Service : tickethelp@interpark.com
Category Adult Youth Children/Seniors  
Standard Day
33,000 10,000 10,000
Standard Day-
Group Pass
31,000 10,000 10,000 Only available
through customer
service center
Group Pass
27,000 5,000 5,000 Only available
at the venue
2-Day Pass 53,000 53,000 53,000
3-Day Pass 69,000 69,000 69,000
50-Day Pass 100,000 75,000 50,000
Afternoon Pass 20,000 7,000 7,000 Only available
at the venue
Evening Pass 10,000 5,000 5,000 Only available
at the venue
Standard Day Pass
for 4 Persons
120,000     Only available
at the venue
Group Pass
for Foreigners
10,000 10,000 10,000 Only available
at the venue
*Purchasing the Pass
1. Adult(19-65, born between May 13th, 1947 and May 11th, 1993), Youth(13-19, born between May 12th, 1993 and May 1th1, 1999) Senior (over 65, Born before May 12th, 1947), Children(4-13, born between May 12th, 1999 and May 11th, 2008), University Students(with student ID)
• Age classification is applied as of the opening day of the Expo (May 12th, 2012).
• Children under 4 (born after May 12th, 2008) can enter for free under the guidance of an adult.
2. Standard Day Pass can be used for any day during the Expo period, including weekdays, Saturdays and holidays.
3. Peak Day Pass has now been discontinued, but those that have already been purchased are still valid regardless of the date.
4. Standard Day-Group Pass offers discount for bulk purchase of more than 30 Standard Day Passes. The pass can be used for entry as an individual or as a group, on anyday, including weekdays, Saturdays and holidays.
5. Weekday Group Pass offers discount for bulk purchase of more than 30 Standard Day Passes. The pass is not valid on Saturdays and holidays.
• The Weekday Group Pass must be used for entry as a group, and does not allow entry as an individual.
• Please purchase the Standard Day-Group Pass for entry on Saturdays and holidays.
6. 2-Day Pass and 3-Day Pass can be used on two or three onsecutive days respectively. They can be used on any day during the Expo, including weekdays, weekends and holidays.
7. Half Season Pass permits entry during the Expo and is non-transferrable. As a photo of the pass holder is affixed on the Half Season Pass, the photo of the pass holder must be sent via email, to sportsmarketing@interpark.com
8. Evening Pass can be used after 5 pm for entry into all facilities in the Expo.
• Sale period : 4:30 pm - 8 pm (only available at the ticket counter at the Expo)
• Entry is permitted only on the day of the purchase, and re-entry is not permitted.
*Using the Pass
1. A special chip is inserted in the pass; therefore it's safest to purchase the pass from official ticket agencies including Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea website and Interpark website. Please be advised that passes purchased through unofficial agencies or illegal ticket brokerscan lead to problems in entering or re-entering the Expo.
2. Passes are non-transferrable.
3. The pass-holder can have free access to all exhibitions, performances, and the aquarium.
4. Re-entry is allowed only once a day.
5. Lost or stolen passes cannot be replaced.
6. Entry into the Expo is from 8:30 am to 10 pm, and everyone must exit the Expo by 10:30 pm. The exhibition space in the Expo is open from 9 am to 9 pm.
7. The pass cannot be refunded under any circumstances once the pass has been used for entry into the Expo. In addition, the pass cannot be refunded in cases where the pass-holder was unable to view the desired exhibition or event.
*Cancellation and Refunds
1. Deadline for cancellation on-line : 11:59 pm, Aug 11th, 2012
2. Passes purchased on site can only be cancelled on site.
3. There is a cancellation fee of 10% of the pass price for cancellations made after 7 days of purchase. The pass is refunded in whole for cancellations made within 7 days of purchase.
4. Only the original purchaser of the pass can cancel, refund or exchange the pass as well as change the date of entry on the pass.
5. Passes cannot be cancelled, refunded or date changed at the Expo on the actual day of entry.
*Pass Distribution
Passes are distributed at the ticket counter on site during the Expo period.
*For more information
Contact tickethelp@interpark.com for more information.
*List of Prohibited Items (All items must pass through X-Ray)
• Weaponry such as firearms, swords, etc, as well as ammunition (firecrackers) and devices for ignition such as lighters and matches (except for firecrackers for Expo events)
• Explosives such as gas sprays, butane gas canisters, portable gas stoves, gasoliine, gas canisters, etc (except for gasoline and gas to be used in commercial facilities)
• Toxic substance and white powder (except for flour to be used in commercial facilities)
• Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and psychotropic substances
• Liquid such as water and beverages (excpet for unopened store-bought botled water and beverages)
• Glassware bottles, cups and ceramic tableware
• Items that contain content related to political agendas, social issues, racial discrimination, or certain religion, such as paintings, posters, banners, X-banners, and printouts.
• Commercial goods and promotional items such as advertisement leaflets and banners.
• Professional video and sound recording equipment (excpet for equipment of permitted personnel of media outlets)
• Electric scooters, bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades (except for baby carriages and wheelchairs)
• Animals except for those with a special purpose such as guide dogs for the visually impaired
• Flying objects including paragliders, hot-air baloons, model airplanes, kites, etc.
• Wireless transmitters and receivers such as radio-controllers, walkie-talkies, etc (except for mobile phones, tablet PCs and laptops)
• Other items that may disturb the viewing of the Expo, or cause perperty damage or injury to other visitors.